GMO Controversy

Wow. I just heard a really good discussion about GMOs by Jeffrey Smith on The Underground Wellness radio show. It blew me away. GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Basically, you take genes from one organism and insert it into another. In the case of crops like corn or soy, genes are taken from viruses or bacteria and inserted into a gene of the plant. The crop then will have properties that make it more productive for farming. Corn, for example, has been genetically modified to produce it’s own insecticide which works by punching holes in the stomach of an insect, killing it. Corn also has been genetically modified to be resistant to glyphosate, i.e. Roundup. Roundup is a pe

A Quick Word About Osteoporosis

As a nutritionist, I feel that osteoporosis, like most chronic diseases, has many contributing factors. Some key causes come to mind. Immune imbalance: You can in a way think of osteoporosis as an immunological or an inflammatory disorder. Osteoclasts (the cells that breakdown old bone) come from the same source as do many immune cells that fight infections. So they “listen” to the same language: i.e. inflammation. Therefore, too much inflammation in the body can cause overactivity of osteoclasts. Using herbal compounds like curcumin and ginger as well as antioxidants can be very useful for osteoporosis since they strongly suppress too much inflammation, as well as lowering one’s intake

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