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Support Your Genes So They Can Support You

As genetic tests become increasingly popular, I believe it is important to understand how the results can be applied to better your health and wellness. If you have a health problem that is not going away, and you have tried "everything", such as diets, supplements, therapies, etc., getting a good genetic test targeted for clinical outcomes in wellness may be the next best step. Some examples of chronic health problems would be trouble with attention span, depression or mood fluctuations, gut issues, hormone imbalances, and sensitivities. Obtaining insight and supporting one's genes with the appropriate nutrition can go along way to not only maintaining health and vitality, but supporting weight loss as well.

Note that while genetic tests like 23andMe can be interesting and informative, they are not focused on looking at the clinically relevant gene SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that could be related to a chronic health problem. Getting genetic testing done that looks at these SNPs in genes such as those that support folate metabolism, glutathione, neurotransmitter/catecholamine production and clearance, histamine processing, choline production, etc. can provide more applicable information and insight to help support the health problem you may be having.

I now recommend genetic testing through This is a very comprehensive report of all the gene SNPs that may be holding you back from optimal health. Think of it like looking under the hood, except that it is not your car, but your body. This way you can get to the "why" behind your symptoms, the root of your health issue, and find out which nutrients are right for your support.

Of course, for any targeted genetic support to be effective, an overall healthy diet and lifestyle must be primary. No matter how "perfect" somebody's genes are, eating too much nutrient poor and processed food will overwhelm one's genes. Additional testing may be useful. Check out the testing services I offer here.


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