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Please feel free to contact me to set up a FREE 15 minute phone consultation for any questions you may have. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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Weight loss is a complicated subject. Many different factors play into it such as society, the food industry, psychology, economics, etc. 

It seems logical and is commonly believed that it is all about will power. If you can just maintain a lowe...

I just want to say that I feel there is some truth to every “diet”. Certain individuals and certain health conditions may do better on low fat diets, low carb diets, vegan diets, or ketogenic diets, etc. 

But restricting macronutrients from the diet, whether it is prote...

If you have been reading my blogs you by now know of the vital importance of healthy food for the body. 

But don’t forget to add some spices. Their health benefits are profound and numerous. In this blog I will focus on turmeric and ginger. Many people ar...

Homocysteine is a marker that can be measured on a blood test. In the medical world it is used to help assess cardiovascular risk, if suspected. Additionally, high homocysteine levels are inflammatory and are also associated with an increased risk of dementia and Alzhe...

In my last blog post I talked about glutathione. It functions in your body as a powerful antioxidant and serves a crucial role in helping your body get rid of toxins. What you may not know is that it also plays many more important roles such as in immune system balance...

In this blog post, I want to talk about glutathione. This is an amazing molecule that I feel everyone should be familiar with. 

Our bodies use oxygen to make energy as ATP in special tiny structures within our cells called mitochondria. Think of mitochondria as tiny "fa...

Honestly, I feel almost any natural, fresh, non-processed food can be called a "superfood". They all have special properties, fibers, or nutrient profiles that can be beneficial for the body whether it be a stable mood, healthy heart, healthy gut, ideal body weight, or...

The liver is the most metabolically active organ in the human body. It is often thought of as a detox organ, but it has many other functions like storage of energy and nutrients, hormone production, immune modulation, and more. As the obesity epidemic continues to incr...

Sugar can be a powerfully addicting substance. I would argue that it can be close to the same level as cigarettes and alcohol. When one is caught up on a sugar binge, it can be hard to stop. It may seem like a carnival ride, with its highs and lows. Here are some quest...

Going vegan or vegetarian is very popular these days. It is also gaining extensive support from the medical community.

This may be because of the numerous scientific studies that have shown decreased meat consumption is linked to better health and less disease as well a...

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Glutathione. The "Alpha" molecule.

September 13, 2018

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