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You Have to Really Want It

If someone wants something bad enough, just about anything is possible. The same can be true for weight loss and/or improved health. However, when it comes to weight loss, the obstacles can be extremely challenging. It is often not just about the food, but emotional and psychological challenges as well.

In today's society distractions are everywhere. It takes an almost super human commitment to maintain any kind of diet or weight loss program. Add to this the excess cost of healthy food, the ease to get non-healthy food (the push of a button), excess toxins (many labeled as "obesogens") in the environment, and you have a "recipe" for disaster (the rates of chronic disease is increasing and affecting younger and younger populations in Western societies).

Because of all this, I feel it is necessary to get in touch with your true goals. That is, what is it that you really want? If your only desire is for a number on a scale to improve, it will likely not be enough. Go further and delight your imagination. What is it you really want?? Examples would be more stamina when spending time with grandkids, eating what you want at a restaurant every now and then without feeling awful the next day, looking stellar for an upcoming wedding, etc.

Entertain this thought and surround yourself in it. Now you are ready to begin your health journey.

People think it is all about skills when it comes to success. However, I am telling you it is not about skill. It is about persistence. The same is true for weight loss.

People want to know when. When will I lose the weight? How fast can I get results? But more important is the why. You have to love the the process, the journey. Only then will the success (in this case weight loss) come. Movie stars and other people that make it big may have some talent, and luck. But at the core of their success is their desire. This desire leads to persistence, enabling them to accomplish their dreams.

This is true of being at ones optimal health and weight. We all know what we should be doing, but our mindset is such that it puts our desire out of reach.

Another point is to make your health or weight goal larger than just yourself. If it is all about you, and your weight, your additional energy and vitality, etc., that may not be enough to motivate you. Who else in your life will benefit? Maybe your son or daughter will enjoy the extra time spent with you now that the extreme fatigue is not an issue. Whatever it is, putting the focus on others can be much more motivating.

Are you motivated yet? Check out my Weight Loss Programs Here. They not only help you lose the weight, but keep it from coming back (by healing your metabolism). Or give me a call and we can chat.


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