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Should I Go Keto?

I just want to say that I feel there is some truth to every “diet”. Certain individuals and certain health conditions may do better on low fat diets, low carb diets, vegan diets, or ketogenic diets, etc.

But restricting macronutrients from the diet, whether it is protein, carbs, or fat, can often have negative consequences.

So does a ketogenic diet, which is essentially a high fat, and lower carb and protein diet, show promise for “healthy” weight loss for the masses?

According to some recent research, apparently not. People may lose some initial weight when going keto, but it is mostly water weight, similar to the initial weight loss seen on low carb diets.

When body fat percentage is measured, people on a ketogenic diet retained more body fat. Weight loss apparently came more from the muscles, such as the leg muscles, which is exactly where you do not want to lose weight, especailly when seeking to sustain weight loss over the long term.

In addition, eating a high fat diet can be inflammatory. Too much dietary fat, particularly saturated fat and vegetable oils, can be converted into inflammatory compounds by the body called prostaglandins. Too much fat may even facilitate the absorption of inflammatory compounds from the gut. Dietary fiber is often greatly reduced on this diet as well, which can contribute to an unhealthy gut and inflammation.

If you are really set on going keto, however, then give it a try. However, I feel one’s body chemistry must be in check. An important example would be having a healthy glutathione level. Glutathione plays a key role in metabolism, being one of the body’s primary antioxidants, allowing the body to “burn” fats, as well as protein and carbohydrates. This is because when the body generates energy from fuel, it also generates oxidative stress, which is then neutralized with antioxidants. So if you have a low glutathione level, a ketogenic diet is likely to fail any kind of sustainable weight loss.

So how does one lose those stubborn pounds? My 4 week Carb Cycling Program or my 4 week Detox Program are great ways to do so. They also do not require extreme dietary restrictions as do the ketogenic diet. Additionally, they help to heal the body’s metabolism, which is simply put your body’s ability to convert fuel into energy. With a healthy metabolism, you can then handle dietary “indiscretions”, i.e. that piece of cake, so that it is properly processed by the body into energy, and not stored as fat.

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