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Why Is It So Difficult to Lose Weight?

Weight loss is a complicated subject. Many different factors play into it such as society, the food industry, psychology, economics, etc.

It seems logical and is commonly believed that it is all about will power. If you can just maintain a lower calorie diet, fast for periods of time, or eat chicken and salad all day, you will lose the weight. While this is true maybe in the short term, extreme dieting goes against the body's design. Therefore, weight rebound is almost certain.

There are things going on with the body's metabolism that cannot be solved by a simple diet change or exercise regimen. However, the metabolism can be corrected by getting to some of the core issues such as healing the liver and the gastrointestinal tract.

But how do the gut and liver help to set one's metabolism? Let's find out.

In case you do not know, the typical human intestinal tract houses trillions of mostly "friendly" bacteria that perform all sorts of functions, such as making certain vitamins for the body to use, activating herbs we ingest, reducing inflammation in the body, and supporting a strong immune system. When it comes to weight loss, these friendly bacteria help to turn down appetite, reduce absorption of calories, and can even reduce "insulin resistance", thereby promoting a healthy metabolism.

Having a healthy liver is a key for maintaining an optimal metabolism as well. It has many functions, such as detoxification and excretion, storage of vitamins, etc. Regarding weight loss, the liver is the primary organ that converts the food we ingest (broken down into glucose or amino acids) into energy in the form of glycogen or as triglycerides. But when the liver is unhealthy, it cannot convert the food we consume properly into glycogen. Instead it stores everything as triglycerides, which will be seen in the blood as a high triglyceride level. Therefore, someone with a high triglyceride level in the blood likely has an inflamed or congested liver, as well as insulin resistance. These triglycerides will be stored as fatty deposits throughout the body, such as around the abdomen, contributing to weight gain and a higher body fat percentage.

So how does one begin to go about healing their liver and gut so that they can have a smooth running metabolism and lasting weight loss, less body fat, and better health? My 4 week Detox program is a great way to begin. Check it out here.

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